How to add and configure CCTV cameras in IVMS 4200 software?

To add and configure CCTV cameras in the IVMS 4200 software, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the CCTV cameras are connected to the same network as your Windows computer. The cameras can be connected directly via Ethernet cable or via a router or switch.
  • Open the IVMS 4200 software on your Windows computer. You will be greeted by the main screen of the application.
  • Click on “Device Management” in the left sidebar of the application.
  • In the “Device Management” window, right-click the “Device Tree” and select “Add Device”. You will be directed to an add devices wizard.
  • Select the type of device you want to add (for example, DVR or IP camera) and click “Next”.
  • Enter the necessary configuration information such as CCTV camera IP address, port, username, and password. This information can be obtained from the CCTV camera supplier or manufacturer.
  • Click “Test” to check the connection to the CCTV device. If the test is successful, click “Add” to add the device to the IVMS 4200.
  • Repeat steps 4 to 7 to add and configure more CCTV cameras.

Once you have added and configured your CCTV cameras in the IVMS 4200, you can view and control them from your Windows PC.

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